This German Watchmaker is going out of business, so you get 90% discount on their last remaining watches

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It doesn’t matter if you need a new watch or not, this is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss! But you need to hurry, or risk missing your chance to save $$$, because their supply is very limited. Most of their luxury watches have already sold out… Click to see the remaining watches.

90% off all men’s luxury watches

Imagine having a watch that looks like it costs THOUSANDS of dollars, at practically no cost at all. Let’s go one step further – imagine choosing between a whole wardrobe of elegant and luxurious time-pieces! No matter what the occasion is, you would have the perfect watch.

This is your chance to get a men’s luxury watch for less than $40 CAD. The reason is that the German watch manufacturer CURREN® has been acquired by the International QRM Watch Group, so they need to clear our their remaining inventory. They don’t expect this sale to last long, so hurry up and order your watch quickly.

This news may come as a shock for many people, and if you were one of many fans of CURREN® watches, you’ll still be able to buy their models under the new brand (not with 90% discount obviously) which will feature many of their classic designs.

FREE Shipping to Canada

If you’re from the greatest nation on earth, you’re in luck. They offer delivery via Canada Post International for free. They also say that delivery may takeup to 33-55 days since everyone is working overtime to ship away their last remaining watches.

Every man needs at least 3 watches

1. Everyday watch. Worn without caring if you have to mow the lawn, run to the bank, fall in the pool, etc.
2. Work watch. Exact style depends on your profession – function and durability over style.
3. Luxury watch. Your most expensive, prized possession reserved only for going out and special occasions. Should have leather or metal band.

This is your chance to get a Luxury Watch for only $37 CAD. You would normally pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a watch that looks this good – but today is your lucky day.

Announcement from their CEO:

Take full advantage of this offer while you can. If you want to look good, then a luxury watch is priceless!


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As of Monday, August 13th 2018, there are still a few watches that hasn’t sold out yet! Starting at $37 CAD, you can get a luxury men’s watch with free Canada Post delivery.

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