How To Get a Free Luxury Men’s Watch


If you’re a man of style and elegance, then you are probably aware that a good-looking watch will cost you at least $500. You get what you pay for, and if you want to impress people it will cost you even more. But right now, you can get a really good-looking watch for free, and the only catch is that you pay for the shipping and taxes.


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It may sound like a scam – but thousands have already received this wrist watch, completely free. CURREN® is the company behind this, and it’s not a publicity stunt – giving away watches is something they do daily. They do this to help establish their brand in new markets. Well, we decided to try it out. Imagine the looks on our faces when we opened the mailbox two weeks later to find a nice watch, free of charge. We wanted to know more about the fast-growing company CURREN® and who’s behind it. We got their CEO on the phone, and let him explain in his own words how this is possible.


How is your company profitable when you’re just giving watches away?


Good question, and a fair one. First off, we sell a huge amount of watches daily. For every ten watches we sell, we give away one for free. It’s great advertising, because if you get something for free, then you’re very likely to recommend the company to your friends, giving positive reviews, and becoming a long time customer. It’s common business knowledge that getting hardcore fans is always the hardest, but giving it away for free allows you to generate huge positivity. I’d estimate that more than half of companies would profit more if they had limited giveaways. The key word here is limited. Our free watches are always very exclusive, new and limited supply, that’s our motto.

   – Jean-Luc Villeneuve, CEO CURREN®



Isn’t it tempting to charge full price instead of giving away very valuable luxury watches? Is it really worth it?

I love when people ask me this, because they’re always so surprised when I tell them that giving away free watches is our biggest competitive advantage against other watch brands! Traditional advertising is expensive, and it’s good for many things, but the best way to get a loyal customer base is to connect with them. We want to make sure our customers know that we love them – and what better way than giving them a beautiful gift that they could be enjoying for years to come, perhaps even becoming a family heirloom passed down for generations?


So the freebies is way to get people on your email list?

I guess you could say that, but almost all of the emails are more free gifts – it’s not like we’re spamming anyone. We never force anyone to buy anything, and if you think we’re annoying you can simply unsubscribe from the email newsletter at any time with one click.



Do you get asked often if this is a scam?

Yes, all the time! Some people think this is too good to be true. I get emails about this daily, sometimes I can answer their questions, but some people are very hard to reason with.. I just tell them that we have given away tens of thousands of watches for free, and that they should just try for themselves and expect their free watch a few weeks later.



How can our readers order the free men’s watch?


Just make sure they click this link and they will get the watch for free, but supply is limited so when we’re out of stock, the link will stop working.


We thanked Friedrich for the time, and wished him good luck in the future. We at Lifehack University are not as convinced as Jean-Luc that this is the future of marketing. But on the other hand, it does seem to work, and now they are getting even more free media exposure from us. When we first saw the ad for a free watch, we thought that this is surely a scam. So we thought, either it’s a scam that we can expose, or it’s actually true. It’s a win-win for our readers. Two weeks after ordering, a little package arrived to our office, and we were surprised to see that it contained the watch that we only paid shipping for. And the quality seems to be nothing but solid. We will continue to monitor the quick-growing company CURREN® and their quest to give away stuff for free with excitement.


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