The Virtually Indestructible UltraWatch-Z: Is Its 33-Month Battery Lifetime Worth All The Hype? 

Summary of Article: Smartwatches are amazing life helpers and becoming more and more popular. Unlike other watches, you don’t have to charge this one on a daily basis: Battery life is up to 33 months! It’s also extremely durable thanks to its 4th generation Gorilla Glass and carbon fiber construction. It’s compatible with Android and iOS devices and offers much more than just timekeeping functions.The amazing part is that it is extremely affordable at only 784.99 kr. Click here to get it 50% off…

Over three billion people in the world are in the workforce and the number keeps on growing daily. The population in the 21st centuriy is striving for a device which improves their level of organization and productivity. But current smartwatches weren’t made to last, need daily charging and break easily. We were looking for an answer and might have just found it in UltraWatch-Z.

People are tired of having to treat their gadgets like a piece of glass. This one promises to be different – you can throw anything at it, and you won’t have to charge it for over 33 months. Read on to see how it did when we took it under a heavy testing proccess…

More than time-telling with UltraWatch-Z

Everyone is familiar with how smart phones and new technological gadgets are improving our productivity and organization in life. We’re the first to admit we can’t live without our phones now. However, curiosity got the better of us and we wanted to see if there was something similar to a smartphone, but was less clunky and more versatile. After all, who hasn’t had their phone screen cracked? It’s about time that we stop using devices that were meant to be broken from the start…

We’ve been researching UltraWatch-Z and immediately knew it was a game changer. Unlike a smart phone with poor battery life, UltraWatch has a 33-month battery life, a robust outer shell to handle wear and tear, is waterproof, and offers so many different features to change your life. We spent seven days with the UltraWatch and the results speak for themselves. 

Endless possibilities – Virtually Indestructible

The citizen of today has many things to conquer each day. Maybe you’re fitness conscious, time-constrained, need to be in constant communication, or have a busy social calendar, UltraWatch-Z could be a valid option. We lined up several products you would typically use on a regular basis – all of which UltraWatch-Z makes unnecessary:

Here is what you can now get rid of: 

  • Camera
  • Calendar
  • Your standart watch
  • Fitness watches

UltraWatch-Z is not simply an addition to your life but also one which takes away worries from you. It’s virtually indestructable!

Who can benefit from UltraWatch-Z?

Anyone who lives a hectic lifestyle and who likes to enjoy what current technology can offer, even in the worst of conditions. 

Whether you’re male, female, young, or old, we believe UltraWatch-Z is a valid option for you. When we reviewed it, we ensured we covered a broad demographic. Both our male and female colleagues found it to be stylishconvenient, and easy to own. Even those with a little less interest in technology were able to sync their data effortlessly from both iOS and Android devices.

In essence, anyone can own an UltraWatch-Z and reap the rewards. Also, we really enjoyed the fact that you could buy it in 3 different colors.

UltraWatch-Z up close

We strongly believe UltraWatch-Z is a game changer, but you don’t need to take our word for it. We’ve included a few of the many benefits of this accessory below.


  • Dust, shock and waterproof
  • Carbon and diamond coated outer shell
  • 4th Generation Gorilla glass


  • Phone notifications
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Health tracker – step counting, calorie tracker
  • Alarm, time telling, and stopwatch

“I was tired of having to look after my smartwatch like a piece of porcelaine. It’s about time that we start using products that were meant to last!”

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There’s no need anymore to miss any notifications, even during the toughest of jobs! Thanks to this device, there’s now a product that offers helpful reminders and advanced features for better organization and order. Choose between the 3 available colors. Our favorite was the black one!



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